welcome to connections counselling
CONNECTIONS COUNSELLING offers therapy, training and consulting, specializing in understanding and responding to the impact of trauma, loss and stress on individuals, families and organizations.

   CONNECTIONS COUNSELLING is committed to facilitating:
   JOY  Facilitating each person’s capacity for joyfulness and wellbeing
   CONNECTION  Facilitating joyful connection to others
   RESILIENCE  Supporting and building on strengths and solutions

  • Traumatic experiences can (and do!) happen to all of us.
  • Accidents, abuse, losses, health crises can lead to changes in our nervous systems, our bodies, our feelings and our relationships. Trauma occurs in both big “T” and small “t” ways.
  • We are influenced by of all that we have experienced from birth and require emotional connections to survive. Life is about connection, and the quality of those connections.
  • Early experiences form the basis for healthy, or sometimes unhealthy and unhappy lives.
  • Anxiety, fear, and panic, irritability and anger, withdrawal, sleep difficulties and physical problems (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, chronic pain, etc.) are common signs of trauma and stress.

At CONNECTIONS COUNSELLING, we utilize current psycho-biological models of trauma that are holistic and integrated, and that help clients and those who participate in our training to:

  • Understand symptoms and experiences of trauma from a new perspective
  • Learn how to re-negotiate trauma without re-experiencing it,
  • Learn how to access natural healing and resilience to restore balance in our nervous and emotional systems, and in our lives and relationships.

If you feel that events in your life have limited your choices and abilities to live fully, CONNECTIONS COUNSELLING can help you to deal with personal and family issues, and to restore greater balance in your life and relationships.

If you are a professional helper, health care professional, or educator, CONNECTIONS COUNSELLING can help you to gain a new understanding of the people you are working with, and new and effective ways of helping them.