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Change Your Brain Change Your Life
Amen, D. (1998)
Three Rivers Press: New York

Sex On The Brain: 12 Lessons to Enhance Your Love Life
Amen, D. (2007)
Three Rivers Press: New York

The Female Brain
Brizendine, L. (2006)
Morgan Road Books: New York

The Brain That Changes Itself
Doidge, N. (2007)
Viking: New York

Emotional Intelligence
Goleman, Daniel. (1995)
Toronto: Bantam Books

Crash Course: A Self-Healing Guide to Auto Accident Trauma Recovery
Heller, D. (2001)
Berkely, CA: The North Atlantic Press

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love
Johnson, Sue (2008)
Little Brown & Company: New York

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma
Levine, P. (!997)
Berkeley: North Atlantic Books

Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of the Your Body
Levine, P. (2005)
Sounds True, Inc: Boulder, CO.

Trauma Through A Child’s Eyes
Levine, P. & Kline, Maggie. (2007)
North Atlantic Books: Berkeley, CA.

When the Body Says No
Mate, G. (2003)
Toronto: Alfred Knopf

Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal
Naparstek, B. (2005)
New York: Bantam Books

The Body Remembers Casebook
Rothschild, B. (2003)
New York: W. W. Noerton

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers
Sapolsky, R. (2005)
Henry Holt and Company: New York

Secrets, Lies, Betrayals
Scarf, Maggie. (2005)
Ballantine Books:

The Primal Teen
Strauch, B. (2002)
New York: Doubleday

Too Scared to Cry
Terr, Lenore (1990)
Harper Row: New York

Unchained Memories
Terr, Lenore (1994)
Basic Books:

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Mind-Body Psychotherapy
Aposhoyan, S. (2004)
W.W. Norton: London

Being a Brain-Wise Therapist
Badenoch, B. (2008)
WW Norton: New York

The Body Has Mind of Its Own
Blakeslee, Sandra and Blakeslee, Matthew (2007)
Random House:

The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy
Cozolino, L. (2002)
W.W. Norton: New York

The Neuroscience of Human Relationships
Cozolino, L. (2006)
W.W. Norton: New York

The Blind Watchmaker
Dawkins, R. (1991)
Penguin Books: London

The Feeling of What Happens: Body, Emotion and the Making of Consciousness
Demasio, Antonio (1999)
Harcourt , Inc: San Diego

The War on Pain
Fishman, S. and Berger, L. (2000)
Harper Collins Publisher: New York

Why Love Matters
Gerhardt, Sue. (2004)
Routledge: New York

Trauma and Recovery
Herman, J. (1992)
New York: Basic Books

Shattered Assumptions: Toward a New Psychology of Trauma
Janoff-Bulman, R. (1992)
The Free Press:

Attachment Processes in Couple and Family Therapy
Johnson, S. & Whiffen, V. (Eds.) (2003)
Guilford Press: New York

The Emotional Brain
LeDoux, J. (1996)
Touchstone: New York

Synaptic Self
Ledoux, J. (2002)

Body, Breath and Consciousness
McNaughton, I. and Levine, P. (2005)
North Atlantic Books
: Berkley

Trauma and the Body: A Sensorimotor Approach to Psychotherapy
Ogden, P. Minton, K. & Pain, C. (2006)
W. W. Norton: New York

Affective Neuroscience
Panksepp, J. (2008)
Oxford University Press: New York.

The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog
Perry, Bruce and Szalavitz, M. (2006)
Basic Books: New York

The Body Remembers
Rothschild, B. (2002)
New York: W.W. Norton

The Trauma Spectrum: Hidden Wounds and Resiliency
Scaer, R. (2005)
W.W. Norton: New York

The Body Bears the Burden
Scaer, R. (2001)
Haworth Press: New York

Affect Dysregulation and Disorders of the Self
Schore, Allan. (2005)
W.W. Norton: New York

Affect Regulation and the Repair of the Self
Schore, Allan. (2005)
W.W. Norton: New York

Parenting From the Inside Out
Siegel, D. & Hartzell, M. (2003)
Penguin Group: New York

Healing Trauma: Attachment, Mind, Body and Brain
Solomon, M. & Siegel, D. (2003)
New York: W. W. Norton

The Science of Parenting
Sunderland, M. (2006)
DK Publishing Inc.: London

Traumatic Stress
Van der Kolk, B., McFarlane, A., Weisaeth, L. (Ed) (1996)

Divorce Poison
Warshak, R. (2001)
Harper: New York

Psychotherapy Networker

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Traumatic Grief: What We Need To Know As Trauma Responders
Ambrose, Jeannette

Facilitating Post-Traumatic Growth
Calhoun, L. & Tedischi, R. (1999)
Lawrence Erlbaum:

Compassion Fatigue: Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorders In Those Who Treat The Traumatized
Figley, C. (Ed.) (1995)

Burnout in Families: The Systemic Costs of Caring
Figley, C. (Ed.) (1998)
CRC Press: Boca Raton

Treating Compassion Fatigue
Figley, C. (Ed) (2002)

Help For The Helper
Rothschild, B. (2007)
WW Norton:

Transforming the Pain: A Workbook on Vicarious Traumatiszation for Helping Professionals
Saakvitne , K. & Pearlman, L. (1996)
WW Norton:

Secondary Traumatic Stress: Self-Care Issues for Clinicians, Researchers and Educators
Stamm, B.H. (Ed) (1995)
Sidran Press: