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What people have said about Jeannette’s therapeutic work:

“I was anxious, depressed and thoroughly checking out on life. I have been dealt some difficult things to deal with: a life threatening airplane accident: survived! A destructive marriage: finalized. Breast cancer: thriving! Jeannette is an experienced, educated, skilled and honorable professional who has empowered, encouraged and provided me with the tools and skills to be the person I was meant to be! Thanks for going the extra miles in every sense!”
— Shelley T.

“I have grown to understand at a very deep level what happened to my body/mind at the time of the accidents. Jeannette’s approach is careful and loving, intuitive and clear. Her positive, steady guidance helped me to overcome my fears and the ruptured boundaries of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”
— Mary G.

“Certain incidents in my life have left their markings on my body. Jeannette’s expert guidance helped me to feel a sense of lightness and freedom. Life is more manageable. Tasks that were once insurmountable are now doable. I realize that at a deep level our bodies know what is good for us- all we need to know is how to listen again”
— Betty F.

“I felt broken like Humpty Dumpty. With Jeannette’s skills and guidance in working with mind and body, I have put my life back together”
— Carrie T.