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What people have said about Jeannette’s workshops:

“ Jeannette’s input into the teaching and supervision processes sparked much discussion about personal and professional responses to the young people with whom I work. Her input was rich with practical ideas, support and encouragement; her style was lively, direct, extremely knowledgeable and full of heart. I benefited greatly in becoming more skilled in helping young people and their families who experienced trauma.”
— Edele, First Trust CAMHS Team, 2004

“Jeannette gave so much and left such an impression on my life — she has given me lifelong gifts in her teaching and supervision.”
— Angela, 2007

“Jeannette’s trauma workshop is extraordinary- it’s changed how I deal and work with trauma –personally and professionally. I believe this work has the potential to change that devastation of trauma.”
— Tom, Canadian Training Institute, Toronto, 2008

“Anyone interested in a course to deepen understanding of how our minds and bodies respond to trauma, will be more than satisfied with Jeanette's workshops. Her orientation as a trauma therapist and specialist well versed in trauma research on the human neurological system's impact on our senses and emotions, has led her to do what others have only hoped to do. Jeanette has analyzed, consolidated and uniquely incorporated solid theory with her refreshingly intuitive and academically informed clinical practice. I am now all the more skilled, and confident in my own abilities to help traumatized patients, to heal where it hurts.”
— Angele, Mexico City

“It is evident that presentations and case studies are a valuable contribution in enhancing the skills of professionals dealing with the impact of traumatic experiences in North Ireland at the individual, family and community level, especially the architectural structure for community trauma response teams: immensely valuable in dealing with the effects of collective trauma in a holistic way.”
— Sheelagh, Northern Ireland Trauma Advisory Panel